How Parcel Delivery Is Changing With E-Commerce

To see the explosion in e-commerce you only need to take a walk along the high street to see how many companies are being affected by the upturn in Internet based businesses. Indeed the once giant high street video rental company Blockbuster recently closed its doors for good as it has lost out to Internet based companies that send and receive DVD’s by post. Send Parcels to USA

In the USA where distances are much larger and thus where people can have to travel much further to get to the shops they want to see, the growth of e-commerce has been much bigger with many stores carrying only around a tenth of the items that they actually supply with the rest being supplied online.

This growing trend has seen a rapid increase in the amount of companies using the services of parcel couriers to deliver their goods. The growth in the parcel industry and e-commerce as a whole though has not been problem free. Many people get frustrated that their parcels are most often attempted to be delivered by the parcel courier during the day whilst they are at work. For many people when they are purchasing a low value item online it is simply not working worth taking half a day, or even a day off work to wait in for a parcel that could have cost them less than £10 to purchase. The equation of lost wages versus waiting in for the parcel courier simply does not add up for the vast majority of people, therefore parcel couriers have had to become more innovative and work closer with e-commerce companies in order to smooth out the parcel delivery process to the customer.

This has led to many new innovations from parcel couriers and e-commerce companies alike, to ensure that the delivery of the parcel to the customer is much improved. Recent innovations such as allowing the customer to nominate a safe place have resulted in many more people getting their parcels the same day as delivery is first attempted. This improves both the reputation of the parcel courier and that of the company that has sold the person the goods. Other innovations include texting the recipient the estimated delivery time and also the use of email to let the recipient know as to what date and time the goods will be arriving, as well as the incredibly simple innovation of phoning the customer on the day of the parcel delivery!


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